The Land of the Indians and Crossroad of America – Indiana

Locals joke about their home state: “There is no better place on Earth than Indiana to restart the engines of own body”. This is very true! The travel to Indiana restores your physical strength, mental balance, gives vivid emotions and energy for the whole year, until the next trip to “Indian lands”.

The center of trade, culture and sports of the state is the capital Indianapolis. Be sure to take a few days to explore this city, it is definitely worth your attention; other major cities in the state - Evansville, Gary, South Bend, Hammond.

The most important thing in Indiana is to keep moving. It is worth noting that by the dynamics of life and recreation not many states can compete with Indiana. It offers a variety of options for active recreation. Very popular is hiking with a backpack on the outskirts of the native state - from short walks on the cobbled streets of the city to hiking on the trails, laid in the depths of the national parks.

In Indiana, you can go to one of the many nature reserves for cycling and horse riding, and at the same time to see the sights and the nature of the state. Fans of fishing prefer to spend their time on Lake Michigan or on one of the rivers.

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