Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Due to the fact that the park is located in the crater of the world's largest volcano, there is the largest number of geysers and geothermal sources, which sometimes form a bizarre landscapes and colorful hot lakes. Most springs and geysers are located in the valley of the Upper geyser basin near Old Faithful area. Here, on an area of ​​about two kilometers new geysers constantly disappear and then appear. Some geysers erupt constantly every 2-3 minutes, some lie dormant for years.

The largest is Grand Geyser, it constantly eject into the sky huge diameter column of water to a height of 60 m. Tourists admire it from specially paved paths between geysers. Spurting out of the ground water and steam is very hot and can even shower with boiling water.

Yellowstone is the land of waterfalls. While traveling through the park, you can find more than forty of various kinds, and in the most unusual terrain. The most beautiful waterfall is considered upper Yellowstone. Around there are many places convenient for admiring the natural beauty. Not far from this waterfall there is a trail that allows you to climb the rock, from where the waterfall breaks down, and walking a little further you can see a second Upper Yellowstone Waterfall. With a height of three thousand meters, it gradually descends into the big canyon and merges with the river. The upper waterfall is smaller but stormier. It makes its way into the ridge, which captures the flow of water into the narrow captivity.

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